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Blue Light Blocking Glasses From Eye Spy.

  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces sore eyes and headaches
  • Increases your wellbeing 

Ready to improve your sleep, relieve those eyes, and freshen up that look?

At Eye Spy, we believe everyone deserves a good night’s sleep along with waking up with fresh eyes. That’s why we created a new range of blue light blocking glasses.

Improves sleep
Helps obtain a natural sleeping pattern by blocking Blue Light, and preventing the body from entering wakeup mode.

Minimises digital eye strain and headaches
Reduces the symptoms caused by digital eye strain such as blurred vision, eye irritation, and headaches. 

Increases your well-being
Better sleep and ability to focus and perform in your everyday life. In essence: wake up fresh and energised every day.


  • Blocks out over 40% of Blue Light on the 430-450nm and 100% at the 410nm.
  • Made with multi-layered mirror technology with a special protective coating, reducing the Blue Light.
  • Super lightweight frames for excellent comfort

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